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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Fic
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Welcome to girlsinpants, a community for posting Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fanfic, icons and other fanart.

We've got a couple simple rules:

girlsinpants is open to fic of all kinds, whether it be gen, het or slash. That said, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with all types of fic, so we ask that you include the following information when you post fic.

- Title
- Author (Your name, email address and/or website)
- Character or pairing
- Warnings (slash, cussing, sex and/or spoilers for any of the books)
- Summary
- Whether or not you'd like to have your story archived at the Sisterhood Archive, which is currently being built.

Also, all stories, no matter their length, must be placed behind a lj-cut. And, pretty please with a cherry on top get your story beta read (edited by someone who isn't you) before you post it. If you don't know anyone who can do that for you, feel free to make a post here asking for help - I'm sure more than a few people would love to help you out with a quick beta.

Sisterhood related icons and fanart from both the books and movie are welcomed here. When posting icons please post a two or three icon teaser and then put the rest of your icons behind a lj-cut. Please post fanart of any size behind a lj-cut. Be sure to include any rules you have regarding the use of your art. Also, whether or not you'd like your art to be included in the Sisterhood Archive which is under construction.

Also, when posting icons or fanart of the movie, please be aware of spoilers. If you used images other than the basic promo shots place them behind a lj-cut and warn people about them.

Discussion and meta based on the books and movie are welcomed here, just as long as things stay respectful. This means no flames and minimal cussing. Also, be aware of spoilers.

Please don't make introduction posts unless you are also posting fic, icons, fanart or meta.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact the mod, thenewhope.

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